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​are evil, those things, and they can ​

​— Maxine Waters (The Breakfast Club ​

​In pursuit of ​

Best Of

​— Charlamagne the God ​, ​

​principalities." So those principalities ​challenge injustice.​where you’re going.​if you fail."​Text from websites: ​flesh and blood, we wrestle against ​that we can ​are,  you don’t get to ​"It’s only dumb ​Negative (0%) Mixed (0%) Positive (100%)​forgive an action, but […] it says "we don’t wrestle against ​with others so ​for where you ​– 8/16/2019)​Negative Mixed Positive​I can never ​yourself but organize ​are. If you don’t have respect ​
​— Gina Brillon (The Breakfast Club ​

​"1/23/2017 – Angela Rye" The Breakfast Club​ears."​speak up for ​for where they ​creative struggles.​that we play.​love through our ​to not only ​that they don’t have respect ​[…] is where every ​a certain role ​through their eyes, and we find ​find a way ​they are going ​Where to compromise ​we all have ​"Guys, they find love ​to dismiss you, to undermine you, to intimidate you. […] You have to ​excited about where ​– 8/16/2019)​are implementors and ​— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club​not allowing people ​to understand. They are so ​— Gina Brillon (The Breakfast Club ​the same role. There’s agitators, there’s advocates, and then there ​to own it."​to opportunity but ​important for people ​issue.​going to play ​culture. We do that, we build culture. But we have ​only about aspiring ​to the prize. And this is ​exploding later on, like, because people don’t talk, that’s the biggest ​We’re not all ​what we do, which is build ​than that. Life is not ​next step, you won’t make it ​
​it up and ​105.1 FM​

​take ownership of ​a lot more ​next step. If you don’t honor the ​passive aggresive, instead of bottling ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." Breakfast Club Power ​"We have to ​get a raise. […] Life is about ​eyes on the ​problem." Instead of being ​level.​— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club​a decent salary, or you can ​don’t have their ​be like, "Yo, I have a ​field is not ​about it anymore."​you can earn ​prize but they ​just communicate and ​saying that playing ​to live it, that’s what I’m saying. We can’t just talk ​the job, fit in so ​eye on their ​if you would ​standing up and ​be this, everywhere. So you got ​much noise on ​for the present. They got their ​we would avoid ​a victimhood and ​him. I have to ​good job, don’t make too ​the future, but no respect ​arguments and fights ​difference between claiming ​weird, and gay, and strange there. Like, that’s dangerous, they might kill ​taught: Go to school, graduate, get yourself a ​have respect for ​with this situation?" The amount of ​There is a ​has to be ​people have been ​So many people ​being like, "What is up ​
​105.1 FM​Russia and he ​

​of our young ​fall back on."​other person and ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." Breakfast Club Power ​or love him, he goes to ​I think many ​have nothing to ​talking to the ​[male privilege] away?’​you hate him ​– 8/9/2017)​hit when you ​people instead of ​to give mine ​as much as ​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​how hard you ​asking about other ​mean I have ​cross dressing and ​truth.​"You’d be surprise ​lot of time ​it does that ​who is about ​
​best self. […] Living in your ​thinking it."​

​People spend a ​‘If I acknowledge ​is this rapper ​notoriety being your ​about doing it, it is about ​— Keke Palmer (Source: Breakfast Club Interview)​conversation, I feel, is it becomes ​
​live it. Like Mykki Blanco ​

​blessing to get ​"Business is not ​you forever."​problem with that ​really hard to ​catch you, it’s a real ​(1/11/2018)​name them, they can haunt ​the time the ​
​perception that ‘Yeah, I do this’ but it is ​where they’re going to ​

​— D.L. Hughley | The Breakfast Club ​eradicate them. But before you ​misogyny] a lot of ​to tumblr it, and tweet it, and do it, and have that ​is on you, you never know ​us."​your life, then you can ​[On men acknowledging ​live it. Like, that’s the thing, people it’s really easy ​know what camera ​the reality of ​
​the demons in ​105.1 FM​

​is not enough, you have to ​where you never ​in conflict with ​"When you name ​
​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." Breakfast Club Power ​"Reminding each other ​

​day and age ​of us is ​& Iyanla Vanzant (Breakfast Club)​Power 105.1 FM​— "Mary J. Blige – 3.31.2017" The Breakfast Club​
​blessing, especially in this ​

​is the idea ​— Charlamagne the God ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." The Breakfast Club ​self-love.​it’s really a ​America right now ​you redirection"​what they intended.​will always be ​I feel like ​ "The problem in ​ "Rejection is God’s protection, that will provide ​mangled version of ​Your first, last, and best love ​
​– 8/9/2017)​

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​is changed behavior.​(6/20/2018)​it is a ​(4/10/2017)​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​The best apology ​—Terry Crews – The Breakfast Club ​a dictatorship where ​Tyrese – The Breakfast Club ​work for us.​fucked up.​fumigation.​is often times ​who you are."​to make it ​when it gets ​a witchhunt, this is a ​a world that ​
​and not be ​and use that ​

​the same beginning, the ending is ​the #MeToo movement] This is not ​time is creating ​is get married ​that other person ​Every movie got ​
​[In terms of ​

​up doing over ​you can do ​didn’t work for ​their superpowers.​(2/1/2018)​with noble intentions. [But] What they end ​"The worse thing ​at why it ​to test out ​— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club ​politicians come in ​(4/10/2017)​somebody else.’ If anything, we should look ​Every superhero got ​
​of purpose, is a problem."​limit because many ​

​Tyrese – The Breakfast Club ​hear ‘Oh, this didn’t work for ​psychiatrist away.​"Politeness, in the way ​have a term ​marriage up."​precedences.’ I don’t want to ​day keep the ​(2/1/2018)​Every leader should ​can fuck a ​‘We’re about setting ​
​15 hugs a ​— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club ​Power 105.1 FM​

​marriage and I ​I told them ​(2/1/2018)​make your roles."​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." The Breakfast Club ​to a peaceful ​– 8/9/2017)​

​— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club ​how big you ​the rehab.​

​"I can contribute ​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​

​light anyone’s candle."​roles, it’s just about ​the surgery, we didn’t succeed in ​greatness is responsibility.​filter.​candle in everybody, but you cannot ​"There’s no small ​in South Africa] If that was ​ [Quoting Winston Churchill] The price of ​same reason you ​
​"You see the ​

​(2/1/2018)​to prevent oppression ​– 6/8/2017)​because of the ​(2/1/2018)​— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club ​effort in trying ​— Hasan Minhaj (The Breakfast Club ​filter. It’s just, I’m not filtering ​— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club ​value."​[On Nelson Mandela ​has that connotation?​I don’t have a ​hard."​know your nutritional ​Power 105.1 FM​property." What other word ​
​is like, it’s not that ​

​who is working ​a cereal box, I want to ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." The Breakfast Club ​own you like ​filter and it ​working hard, or fucking somebody ​the side of ​in, like everything.​that says, "Hey, I used to ​don’t have a ​
​"There is either ​I look at ​

​what you believe ​the English language ​They think I ​(Breakfast Club)​dudes now like ​graphs that believe ​other word in ​10/9/2017)​— Iyanla Vanzant – Quoting Barry White ​
​"I look at ​up your facts, you can find ​

​he doesn’t] There is no ​— Billy Porter (The Breakfast Club ​it."​(2/1/2018)​anything that backs ​word and why ​your life!​and faith, you’re gonna make ​— Amanda Seales – The Breakfast Club ​the internet, you can find ​
​of the N ​Show up for ​

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​the desire, and the ability ​trip."​their own facts. You go on ​[Speaking about use ​work for you."​matter what. If you have ​surprised when you ​a post-fact world. Everyone can make ​– 6/6/2017)​will always be ​do it no ​"People push you, and then get ​We live in ​— Kevin Hart (The Breakfast Club ​do it there ​
​be willing to ​hustling.​

​get confused.​you, where they stand.​know why they ​"You got to ​follow you. If you’re profit driven, then you’ll always be ​principality, that’s where we ​came up with ​a job. But if you ​(Breakfast Club – 5/11/2018)​
​purpose driven, the profits will ​opposed to the ​

​the people who ​something, you always have ​— Charlamagne the God ​

​driven, not profit driven. If you are ​an individual as ​are with (or in) success are with ​how to do ​to you."​

​It’s about purpose ​start to hate ​where you really ​"If you know ​don’t necessarily pertain ​dream."​individual. So when you ​Your judgment of ​reality.​"Read things that ​transportation to the ​jump on any ​– 8/7/2017)​your dreams, deal with your ​

​(Breakfast Club – 5/11/2018)​not the dream, it is the ​at what you’re not good ​surround yourself with ​

​If you’re going to ​I think human ​— Billy Porter (The Breakfast Club ​are when what ​– 8/9/2017)​

​other worldly things ​your truth to ​in your truth, you’re not going ​
​that are actually ​people accountable. […] You get these ​

​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​them to even ​– 8/9/2017)​I mean? […] So it’s like growing ​big personality and ​wanna reciprocate their ​don’t want to ​
​same way, it’s like quality ​It’s not necessarily ​

​before a flight. I might hit ​if you get ​no permanent friends, or enemies, when it comes ​you to do. I said leave, it was time ​
​Breakfast Club Power ​a person that ​

​from. But the thing ​— Saul Williams (The Breakfast Club ​
​soul, you need to ​speak directly to ​

​— Saul Williams – The Breakfast Club​you eat: It’s what you ​parents are dead’ and they don’t have to ​you. You don’t have that ​
​look on your ​be where a ​

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​with a white ​walk in, even if I ​
​look at it ​to know what ​

​chance to fail."​— "Tracee Elliss Ross ​of being who ​parents raise you ​get over it, you don’t have any ​‘You need to ​
​a certain role ​

​We’re not all ​you this has ​for you, but whenever I’m up against ​that move in ​work so I’m gonna do ​game. I don’t know all ​their life.’​help them. This person has ​someone in your ​racist, you are now ​Tomi?’ Now people feel ​treat them as ​go to? […] If you look ​alcoholism. […] The problem I ​and not as ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." Breakfast Club Power ​from nothing.’ I’m like, ‘No, but you didn’t start from ​get credit, knowing how to ​
​or form. Even if it ​of land, and then his ​

​well-being, you are going ​effects don’t compound. Everything that happens ​get over it, etc] This is what ​
​"Amerie (5/19/2016)." The Breakfast Club​on her own ​

The Rest

​[…] pulling the strings ​a female in ​
​"Amerie (5/19/2016) – Spoke by Charlamagne ​"The business is ​

​who are good ​what you do. Because if you ​the times we’re living in.​
​menu.​to do that.​

​be who you ​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​being steered by ​be, and I consider ​ If you’re not living ​like these things ​to fuck over. […] You’re not difficult, you’re just particular. You’re not demanding, […] you just hold ​
​say.​extreme example for ​

​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​—You’re too much! You’re too much!’ You know what ​I think I’m just a ​you and you ​
​best foot forward. It doesn’t mean you ​guys feel the ​

​— Dave Chappelle – 6.30.2017 (The Breakfast Club)​he gets nervous ​People ask me ​
​"There should be ​what I told ​

​— T.I. Interview With The ​turn you into ​people run away ​

​is."​heart, you need a ​be a revolutionary, you need to ​

​what I ingest."​"Your diet isn’t only what ​‘I’m glad your ​to mess with ​

​take in the ​ "It used to ​

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​to do that ​be anything. Like when I ​"Whiteness is blankness. It’s because they ​person, I constantly have ​anything is the ​be."​go the path ​
​"I think it’s how your ​economic means to ​

​been told that ​we all have ​Power 105.1 FM​

​do it, I’m just telling ​this will work ​move, I’m gonna use ​moves of mine ​like a video ​

​positive influence on ​‘Yeah, I’m trying to ​said that about ​friends with a ​that racist girl ​racism you would ​society, where do they ​generation just like ​like a disease ​world, but it’s not nothing, nothing.’​say […] ‘Well I started ​own a place, knowing how to ​in some shape ​have some money, a house, and a piece ​that promotes your ​effects don’t matter. To say that ​long time ago, you need to ​controlled or she’s being ruined. It’s just sexist.​never just stand ​one’s that like ​a male and ​

​The Rest​your limitations.​compete with you. You want people ​

​people who do ​way we’re living from ​the table, you’re on the ​are is reviled, it’s very difficult ​love yourself! […]’ It’s like, it’s easy to ​at heart.​in that truth, then you are ​you’re supposed to ​

​– 8/9/2017)​you to feel ​
​diva, you’re not difficult, you’re just difficult ​are trying to ​

​people with an ​into my personality.​in college, it’s like ‘You’re just like ​— Dave Chappelle – 6.30.2017 (The Breakfast Club)​people that respect ​you offer, you put your ​to prove, I’m sure you ​land the plane.​a pilot if ​
​worth the bullshit.​you out.’"​

​me ‘I never changed ​become."​adversity it will ​something that most ​order to win, and that’s what winning ​to win. You need a ​the people to ​listen to, and so I’m mindful of ​Power 105.1​worst thing like ​was still going ​
​to you, and he’d have to ​— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club​

​like ‘is he Muslim?’ They’re not going ​in you can ​— Childish Gambino (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club​"As a Black ​need more than ​think you should ​courage to either ​(1/5/2017)​over it, you literally don’t have the ​When you have ​are implementors and ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." The Breakfast Club ​you how to ​
​like ‘Hey man, I don’t know if ​me a new ​

​know, I know which ​I see life ​can be a ​with an alcoholic?’ You’d be like ​their racism. But if I ​because you are ​go ‘Hey Charlemagne, you friends with ​this disease of ​them out of ​down generation to ​should treat racism ​nothing in your ​that you have.’ So when you ​knowledge. Knowing how to ​get to you ​great grandfather could ​have a system ​is to say ​slavery was a ​she is being ​just ruining everything!’ A woman can ​svengali or the ​interesting thing […] no matter what, when you have ​
​Best Of​complete you. […] They should accessorize ​

​what you do, they’re going to ​team associating with ​political. You can’t divorce the ​If you’re not at ​what’s popular. When what you ​are about ‘Oh, just be yourself! Oh, you have to ​
​your best interest ​to your purpose. And if you’re not living ​

​to be where ​— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club ​people will manipulate ​No, you’re not a ​of what you ​have to hit ​had to grow ​gets misread. I mean, even coming up ​good product.​you respect the ​
​make sure whatever ​you have something ​

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​like we normally ​go on stage? It’s like asking ​

​Sometimes there isn’t a penny ​got to push ​"God said to ​yourself you could ​able to endure ​
​"Adversity man is ​the universe in ​

​understand you don’t need money ​be one with ​read, it’s what you ​— Childish Gambino – The Breakfast Club ​call me the ​
​little bit, even if he ​to say something ​

​a blank slate, we are not."​tie, they might be ​slate. Like. when you come ​
​assuming about me."​

​Jaden Smith (9/10/2014) – The Breakfast Club​"What Black people ​be, or who you ​gives you the ​– Angela Rye – The Breakfast Club ​means to get ​— "1/23/2017 – Angela Rye" The Breakfast Club​the same role. There’s agitators, there’s advocates, and then there ​in my world.​use this move.’ I’m not telling ​sometimes when you’re playing, I’m gonna be ​someone who teaches ​moves that I ​Power 105.1 FM​I think I ​an alcoholic, I say ‘Yo, you are friends ​are complacent to ​is inferred that ​has a disease. So if I ​somebody who has ​
​racist, when you cut ​

​is heredity, it is passed ​I believe we ​you don’t understand. You started from ​different world, these are benefits ​the way of ​
​his child, […] it’s going to ​

​that world. So if your ​has an effect. […] So if you ​those people, ‘To argue that ​those who say ​

​thing it’s always either ​way around. ‘Oh he is ​he is the ​Here is the ​show​at so they ​people who do ​build a team, don’t build a ​stories are inherently ​10/9/2017)​you are is ​Everything is about, all the conversations ​

​that don’t necessarily have ​be your compass ​to be able ​positive are negative.​things misconstrued and ​– 8/9/2017)​see a modicum ​Sometimes you do ​into your looks. I kind of ​
​I think that ​respect with a ​

​prove anything, it just means ​control. You want to ​you feel like ​some weather, but I feel ​nervous when you ​to business."​
​to go, but obviously I ​105.1​

​you probably wouldn’t even believe ​is man, if you are ​– 7/19/14)​feel connected to ​the people and ​"You need to ​watch, it’s what you ​see the after-effects. They’re just like, ‘that felt good.’"​anymore, like somebody could ​face too a ​bully would have ​guy. White people are ​have a bow ​
​as a blank ​a person is ​

​— Childish Gambino citing ​– 9/25/14" The Breakfast Club​

​you want to ​that kind of ​viable solutions, that doesn’t work.​get over it’ and you don’t have the ​that we play.​going to play ​worked for me ​this boss I ​the game and ​those moves. Sometimes I’m gonna meet ​
​the moves. I know the ​— "Trevor Noah – 12/7/2016." The Breakfast Club ​

​a problem and ​family who was ​racist or you ​the need [to be defensive] because now it ​someone else who ​at it, as a disease, if you have ​have is, when you shun ​
​a choice. I believe racism ​105.1 FM​

​nothing though. That’s the thing ​live in a ​is just in ​child and then ​to grow in ​in the world ​I say to ​
​[In response to ​

​and do her ​

​or it’s the other ​

​a relationship, it’s either that ​
​tha God." The Breakfast Club​